Through free-to-use character designs and assets, we hope to provide a creative baseline and platform for vocal synths without mascots, in order to give creatives a starting ground to build.

Basically, here's some free art and character designs for those voicebanks without mascots that you can use. Have fun!

⨁ VIMALION logo by mmairo1

⨁ managed by rice and CircusP

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The name VIMALION stems from "Virtual Pygmalion", in reference to the Greek classic in which a sculpture is brought to life by the love of her creator. To us, it's highly reminiscent of how the vocal synth community breathes life into blank software mascots through creating art, songs, and content.

Just as a creator's love for a character brings that character to life, that love is also reciprocated in turn- driving creators to become even better, pushing further, and inspiring more creativity, all for the sake of these virtual singers.

While the technology of singing synthesis stands alone in its own right, to us, an important part of vocal synth culture is having characters to adore, reimagine, and drive us to create content for their sakes. With VIMALION, our goal is to provide baseline character designs for vocal synths that lack them, in order to provide a creative foundation for other creators.

(Essentially, while we don't think voicebanks NEED designs, having designs to work off of personally motivates us, so we hope that it'll also motivate others... to use these really cool voicebanks.....)


Use the assets the same as you'd use any Vocaloid boxart illustration. Go ahead and put it in cover videos, go ahead and draw art of the designs, but don't put the illustrations directly on merch, album art, etc.


I want to to make money! (Commercial use)
I just want to have fun! (Non-commercial use)


  • Please do use the character designs for commercial and non-commercial use!
  • Please do make art of the character designs!
  • Please do make merch of the character designs!
  • Please do use the character designs for original MVs!
  • Please do make MV OC designs based off the character designs!
  • Please do use the character designs for album art!
  • Please do use the character designs for covers!
  • Please do use the illustrations for non-commercial use!
  • Please do use the illustrations for covers!
  • Please do use the illustrations in-engine!


  • Please link back to this resource whenever possible, so more people can use it!
  • Please credit the illustrations back to their artists!

⚠️Example of proper credit:

"VIMALION Qing Su art by karnerlogical"

"Fengyi design from Vimalion Project vimalion.pro"

"Vimalion Yuma fanart vimalion.pro"


  • Please don't use the illustrations for commercial use! This is absolutely forbidden!
  • Please don't use the designs to spread hate messages. Be reasonable.